The Art of Life Coaching

I’m convinced that what separates good teams from great teams in professional sports is the coach. Think about it. You’ve got the best athletes in the world competing for a title. It doesn’t matter what team they are on, these are the best of the best. Compare any one of them to any one of us and we look like we are running in slow motion. There are superstars that can carry a team, but they can also tank a team. A great coach takes a group of talented individuals and makes them legendary.

A coach helps an athlete dig deeper, reach higher, thrive stronger, and achieve potential. We realize the need for a coach when it comes to sports, but do we realize the need for a coach when it comes to life?

We’ve got one shot to leave our mark, reach our dreams, and become our best. Yet, many of us run this race without direction. I’ve seen so many people waste their potential that it makes me cringe.  Cubicles become caskets. Marriages become monotony. Leaders become lazy. Men become mannequins. Women become weary. If only they could see in themselves what I see in them.

It is out of this passion for seeing potential that I am becoming a life coach.

I want to help people look at all the layers of their life with a magnifying glass. It’s a scary but freeing process. Zooming in, you see the imperfections, but you also see the gold.

I recently learned about a process in Japan called Kintsugi. It’s a centuries old process of repairing broken pieces of pottery with gold. The flaw shines through as a unique mark of the object’s history, adding to its value. The Potter who formed us also wants to reform us when we break and see the process of this reformation as valuable gold. 

I want to help people see the value in their gold and invest it in this world. 

Am I quitting my job as a pastor? Nope, quite the opposite. I’m taking pastoring to a whole new level in my own personal time. A pastor is a shepherd. Someone who carefully cares for others one at a time. Because of the many responsibilities I have as a pastor, my time to meet with people one-to-one is limited. So I’m making time after hours…because my heart beats for this.

How does coaching work? Just like an athletic coach hones the skills of an athlete, a life coach hones the life skills of a person. He sees the gold in each layer, assesses health, finds growth areas, and helps to establish goals to move forward stronger.

My coaching process will help people become whole and holy under the guidance of the Holy Spirit by investigating five key layers of their life. 

Here’s the lifeblood of my process:

“Now may the God of peace make you holy in every way, and may your whole spirit & soul & body be kept blameless until our Lord Jesus Christ comes again. God will make this happen, for he who calls you is faithful.” – 1 Thessalonians 5:23-24 

There’s tension in this Scripture. It’s a promise that depends on our willingness. “God will make this happen…” If that’s the case, why aren’t more people whole and holy? It’s almost as if God is whetting our appetite. “[If you are willing] I will make this happen.” God is simply waiting for us to be ready, to engage, to say yes, and go on the journey no matter the cost. The reward? We find rich and satisfying life drenched in wholeness and holiness in every layer of who we are. Doesn’t that sound amazing?

Here’s the good news…we can have it. It’s available to us. It’s promised by God. But promise waits for possession. We have to let God sculpt slowly in us so we can possess this promise of a whole spirit, soul, and body.

I do this by investigating five key layers that define our identity: spiritual, emotional, mental, physical, and relational. These layers overlap and branch out like a concentric circle. From the inside out, each one depends on and builds off the other to create a synergy of wholeness.

Resilient Concentric Square

The Five Layers

  • Spiritual: Life with God. A dynamic relationship with a loving Father.  
  • Emotional: Life processed through emotions. Daring to be vulnerable.
  • Mental: Thought life. Decisions that drive our actions.
  • Physical: Body life. Learning to love ourselves as God’s beloved.
  • Relational: Life with others. We were made for connection.

How do I shadow God to help people thrive in each of these areas? You will have to meet with me to find out!

Email me at to set up a free first meeting. We can meet in person, on the phone, or through video chat so we can develop a coaching plan that is customized for you. I look forward to helping you find your gold!

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