Top 5 Small Group Resources

Have you ever tried to dig a hole with your hand? Not very effective, right? We have a tool for that…it’s called a shovel. While it seems obvious to grab a shovel to dig a hole, it’s not so obvious to use tools to dig into Scripture, grow spiritually, or lead a group.

We often pursue growth with passion in any way we can as we follow Christ, but we dig with our hands. Without tools to help us dig deeper, our growth can be stunted and our roots shallow. With the right tools, we can prepare our soil for growth so we can share our fruit with others. 

Just like a gardener relies on her tools to dig deep, plant seeds, water, and nurture growth, these resources will help you do the same for your small group.

5. Talk It Over

Designed for group discussion or personal study, this resource will help you dig deep into specific topics that will transform your faith. Each guide begins with dynamic conversation starters, examines pointed passages of Scripture, asks practical questions, offers specific challenges to live out the topics studied, and ends with a concise prayer. Access this resource here

How it can help your group grow:
  • Fun conversation starters break the ice leading to deeper discussions
  • Will help your group develop a passion for studying & applying Scripture
  • Challenges give you specific action steps that you can live out together

4. Abide Prayer

Guided prayers empower listeners to connect with God in conversational dialogue. Covering a range of various topics, prayers inspire growth in numerous areas of spiritual development. Designed as a mobile app, this resource can travel with you on-the-go to be used as a personal tool to connect with God or a guide for group prayer. Access this resource here

How it can help your group grow:
  • Daily reminders will help you develop a habit of prayer
  • Empower your small group by listening to a guided prayer together
  • Use prayer guides as small group curriculum to experience the power of prayer

Encounter God’s presence through the Abide Resource by praying this prayer…

3. YouVersion

Revolutionizing the way we read the Bible, YouVersion is a powerful online and mobile Scripture resource designed to help you interact with and apply Scripture to your daily life. Thousands of Scripture reading plans, videos, and study tools covering almost every area of spiritual development empower readers and small groups to explore the Bible like never before. Access this resource here

How it can help your group grow:
  • Compare different translations of Scripture for greater depth of study
  • As you read, sharpen and encourage one another through the integrated social feed
  • Choose a daily plan to read through along with your spouse or small group

Here’s a snapshot of the YouVersion Bible App experience…

2. BibleX

A dynamic community-driven, video-based, hands-on Bible study tool designed to guide you through the entire Bible in manageable chunks. Set up a schedule for your small group to go through sections of Scripture together. Study, learn, and grow as you answer questions, soak in scholarly teaching, and apply what you learn to your life. Access this resource here

How it can help your group grow:
  • Stretch your understanding of Scripture by learning from the pros
  • Do these studies as homework and come together to discuss what you learned
  • Read through the entire Bible in one year using this as your guide

Here’s a snapshot of how BibleX can empower the way you engage with Scripture…

1. RightNow Media

Saving the best for last, RightNow Media is the Netflix of video Bible Study resources. With an astounding library of over 10,000 high-quality streaming videos for kids, students, adults, and small groups, this dynamic resource will help you lead your family and your small group well. When your church subscribes, everyone in your congregation gets free access to this life-changing content. Did I mention there’s an app for that? Access this resource here

How it can help your group grow:
  • Hook this resource up to your TV and have instant video curriculum in an array of topics for your small group to enjoy.
  • While your small group is challenged by a video study for adults, have your babysitter lead your kids through a study designed for them.
  • Encourage couples to put their favorite TV show on hold and grow through watching a marriage series.

Here’s a glimpse of what this powerful resource can do…

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